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Honda - VMI Summit

Wheelchair Vans and Accessible Van Conversions

The health and safety of our customers is held paramount at Vantage Mobility International(VMI). We have designed our modification to be the safest possible and our twelve-year long testing program proves it. Not only is it one of the longest testing programs in the industry, but the results from crash testing are used to continuously improve design concepts in future generation modifications.

Our testing program includes crash testing, seat and seat-base testing, and brake testing. We have also completed emission and sound testing. In every test, the VisionTM has exceeded FMVSS (USA) and CMVSS (Canada) standards.
VMI Summit Honda
VMI Summit Honda Wheelchair Vans

The fold-out ramp on this wheelchair van is new and improved for the Honda Odyssey. For those customers looking for a fold out ramp system in one of the finest minivans available, look no further, the Honda Odyssey with the Summit conversion is here. In a recent focus group, this wheelchair van was preferred by more than 4 to 1 when compared to the leading competitor’s fold-out ramp system.

Honda Odyssey with the VMI Summit conversion features:
  • Smooth and precise ramp operation
  • Self actuating anti-rattle mechanism preventing ramp movement and rattle
  • Ramp perforations for increased traction to help wheelchair users in and out of the accessible van
  • Total access to door handles and door locks when fold-out ramp is stowed
VMI Summit Honda
Standard in every Honda Odyssey with the VMI Summit Conversion:
  • Power fold-out ramp with non-skid surface
  • 11" lowered floor
  • Maximum interior headroom
  • Power door with easy manual operation
  • Complete undercoating and rust proofing
  • The PowerKneelTM System
  • Removable front seat bases
  • Minimum 3-year/36,000 mile warranty
  • Manual wheelchair tie-down system
  • Fully crash tested
VMI Summit Honda
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