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Dodge - VMI Northstar E

Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Van Conversions

The Northstar E wheelchair-accessible minivan is the only caregiver-focused conversion to offer front-seat wheelchair access and an in-floor, slide-out ramp. With an uncluttered interior, obstruction-free doorway and optional mid-row seats, the Northstar E offers practicality, ease of use and flexibility at an affordable price.

VMI Northstar E Features of these new and used conversion vans include:
  • Easy manual operation for caregivers of any size or age
  • Side-entry benefits for the cost of a rear-entry conversion
  • Long-term reliability with minimal maintenance

Features Overview: The Northstar E is VMI's most affordable wheelchair van and the first VMI vehicle tailored specifically to the needs of wheelchair users with caregivers. It is the only caregiver vehicle to offer front-seat wheelchair access, a manual in-floor ramp that requires no bending or lifting, and seating for up to seven passengers.

Ramp System: VMI's patent-pending Northstar E conversion comes with an easy-to-use, manual in-floor ramp that requires little to no maintenance. The ramp is stowed under the floor, creating more interior room, a quieter ride and less dirt and debris in the interior.

Interior Space: The Northstar E offers the practicality of an unconverted minivan to meet the needs of caregivers, even when traveling without a wheelchair user. With unobstructed cargo areas and seating for up to seven, the Northstar E provides space and flexibility to accommodate multiple passengers and seating arrangements.

Headroom Our Northstar E provides enough door height to accommodate manual wheelchairs and small-to-medium power chairs. The doorway is clear of obstructions for easy entry and exit and has a dropped floor to give wheelchair users a clear line of sight.

Comfort & Style: Our Northstar E offers a clean, uncluttered interior and a quiet, comfortable ride with noise-reduction engineering.

Other Features: Our Northstar E wheelchair-accessible minivans come with additional features for extra durability and ease of use. For example, the VMI Northstar reduces the likelihood of under-vehicle damage by providing up to 1.5 inches of additional ground clearance over other mobility vans.

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